A Voluntary Lay Ministry committed to Building Up the Faith In Catholic Teenagers



March 2021


The season for Jesus 4 Real has come to an end - for the time being at least. Although we mourn, of course, we also rejoice that we have been privileged to share the lives of so many amazing young people over the past 31 years! Their enthusiasm, talent, energy, commitment to the Lord and joyful willingness to seek the reality of the Holy Spirit have spurred us on over the years and brought us infinite blessings!

While we have decided to discontinue our camps, it does not mean that the Jesus 4 Real ministry has ceased, and we will continue to welcome opportunities to meet and share Jesus and the Holy Spirit with young people (and adults) in other settings, such as youth groups, Parishes, camps, school groups, Adult “Advance” weekends, etc.

Our email address (jesus4real@gmail.com) will remain the same and the Face Book group pages will continue to operate for the foreseeable future.

We thank all of you (Priests, Elisha Team members, “Prayer Warriors”, Workshop tutors, Cabin Leaders and campers) for your support, encouragement and practical help over the years – without you Jesus 4 Real could not possibly have continued to function! May God continue to bless you all, as He blesses us,

Anne and Andy Lovell and the Elisha Team (Father Kevin Connors, Paul McCardle, Renee Vaz, Matthew Grevatt, Anita Crowe and Melanie Teahan.)